Who Are We

We are recognized as the leading company in our sector, highlighted not only by our extensive experience organizing and hosting high-standard business events around the globe but also by our commitment and dedication to providing unmatched and unforgettable experiences for business leaders. We have a team of outstanding professionals with international experience, solid backgrounds in multidisciplinary fields, and highly qualified to design exclusive, safe, and positive environments for each event.

We are a company built on two principles: Don’t choose short term relief for long term regret and Focus on what you can control. Our corporate philosophy with trends of innovation, respect, honesty, and progress, admires the wonderful power of exchanging information, that is why we design each of our events with the vision of providing a professional and high-quality environment, intended for the creation of corporate networks, benchmarking, and the generation of new strategies between companies in various industries. We believe in business progress based on constant reevaluation and reflection as a way of sustainable business development.

As a company, we are like the events we host: We are environmentally friendly, we constantly train and encourage our staff to keep upgrading their unique human talent, and we always aim to simplify and optimize our processes and services for the best results. Our level of efficiency is just the result thereof.


We keep honest communication inside our company and with our clients too. It is very important for us to hear if something is not right so we can take action as soon as we can.


You could not be in better hands, we are specialized in what we do, we love it, and our constant growth allows us to fulfill your expectations in every event we organize.


We are rated as excellent, but we strive every day to keep pushing forward because we know there is always something we can do better for you.


Even though we have hosted multiple events on AI and Automation, we have people taking care of every single process. At InventU, you will never talk to a chatbot.


This is part of our culture at InventU, we always deliver respect and empathy to our staff and clients. For us, keeping healthy relationships is everything.


We treat each person equally, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, age, sexual preferences, religion or corporate position. At InventU, we disapprove of double standards in any form.

We Love What We Do

At InventU we create high-profile business-to-business meetings to address the current and urgent needs of business leaders, our goal is to equip each attendee with valuable information, state-of-the-art knowledge, and strategically useful contacts for each professional and company. Our corporate events of pure active brainstorming in luxurious settings accommodate the needs of our highly qualified attendees, creating an exclusive atmosphere. We make everything possible thanks to our extensive network of connections and partners, meticulous market analysis, direct interviews with the top professionals in each industry, different business intelligence tools, and extensive experience in the different markets worldwide.

We have successfully hosted events for Automotive, Construction, Finance, Information Technology and Services, Machinery, Oil & Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Telecommunications, and Utilities sectors. For us, this is just the beginning.