Why Our Events, What Makes Us Unique

It may seem unbelievable the large number of companies that stagnate in the red numbers and fail due to the lack of updated knowledge and cutting edge strategies that adjust to the current needs in their very own sector. Now more than ever, we observe how exchanging relevant information can be vital for every business entity.

At InventU we strive to make this possible, through the congregation of top professionals and business leaders in optimal and different spaces. Content steers clear of product placement and vendor showcasing to focus on exchanging knowledge and new approaches on more confidential topics and higher-impact issues, such as the different internal processes and commercial strategies used by today’s most progressive companies.

Our business events and online conferences are developed exclusively to meet all your expectations.
Are you ready to live the most enriching corporate experience of your life?

20th-21st June 2023, Germany
3rd BiofuelsForum
20th-21st June 2023, Germany
H2 Mobility &e-Fuels Forum
20th-21st June 2023, Germany
2nd AnnualBiogas Forum
1st-2nd March 2023, Belgium
3rd AnnualBioplastics Innovation Forum
1st-2nd March 2023, Belgium
SustainablePackaging Forum
6th-7th December 2022, Germany
SustainableMaritime Fuels Forum
6th-7th December 2022, Germany
SustainableAviation Fuels Forum
8th-9th September 2022, Germany
SustainableBeauty Forum
8th-9th September 2022, Germany
2nd Annual SustainableHomeCare Products Forum
9th-10th June 2022, Berlin, Germany
2nd AnnualBioplastics Forum
9th-10th June 2022, Berlin, Germany
2nd AnnualBiofuels Forum
24th-25th February 2022, Virtual Networking Event
2nd Life sciences Supply Chain Resilience Forum
27th-28th January 2022, Virtual Networking Event
Biogas Profitability Boost Forum
2nd-3rd December 2021, Virtual Networking Event
Bio-Based HomecareProducts Forum
4th-5th November 2021, Virtual Networking Event
Bioplastics InnovationForum 2021
8th and 9th September
Operational Transformation and Building Resilience for the Hospitality industry
7th and 8th June
11th - 12th March 2021, Virtual Networking Event
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